We are a community, and that means that we should work together to make this space as safe and comfortable for all of us as we can. Exhibiting a hostile or confrontational attitude or generally inciting negativity on the server will not be tolerated, even if those actions don't strictly violate the rules as outlined above.

These rules may be updated accordingly at any time. Staff reserves discretion to take appropriate action as necessary in cases deemed by consensus to be detrimental to the safety, integrity, and comfort of our community and its members.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns regarding Transcord, please let us know. You can always drop a line in the Suggestion Box in #transcord-info. We are always trying to improve! We hope you enjoy your time in Transcord. Cheers!


  1. Respect others. Transcord is a safe space.

    1. No transphobia, queerphobia (including homophobia, biphobia, aphobia, etc), sexism, racism, ableism, etc. This includes the use of "jokes" and slurs (words used in a derogatory sense to refer exclusively to a marginalized group). Respect others even if you personally find something to be harmless. Reclaimed slurs, such as queer are acceptable in context but should not be applied to others without permission.
    2. Respect others' experiences. We all have different backgrounds, stories, and opinions on different issues. Respect even if you disagree with them. Debates should be moved to #round-table (see channel description for more info). However, do not invalidate people. Keep an open mind and heart.
    3. Respect others' identities. Use the pronoun(s) registered to that user. If you are uncertain, ask or use the !roles @user command. Misgendering someone by using the wrong pronouns is unacceptable on a transgender server and will result in a penalty.
    4. If you have an issue with another user, please contact a staff member rather than flame each other in chat. We are here to help.
    5. Do not post threatening items or illegal content. Discussion of controlled substances (excluding any legally prescribed substances when relevant, such as in #medical-center) is not allowed. Discussion of legal substances that are age-restricted, such as tobacco, alcohol, or marijuana, should be kept to the 18+ channels. (Must be a member for at least 24 hours before requesting access.)
    6. We have private spaces for trans-feminine (#femme-fatale), trans-masculine (#masc-mansion), and nonbinary (#enby-enclave) individuals. Staff do not participate in a space not meant for them, unless they are performing moderation duties.
    7. Follow the Transcord guidelines concerning trigger and content warnings found here (https://tinyurl.com/yazxtlpx). We aim not to expose users to content that could harm them and following these guidelines helps with that tremendously. Repeatedly ignoring this rule will result in a penalty
    8. We understand that "passing" can be important for people's wellbeing and safety, but the concept can also be harmful to many of us. Therefor, please refrain from talking about passing. In #presentation, you can simply ask for advice on how to look more feminine/masculine/androgynous instead.
    9. Please do not post flirtatious comments in response to others. Comments such as "I'm gay [for {user}]" that can imply a gender or label should also be avoided. Simple compliments are fine. These rules also apply to people with pre-existing connections (couples, friends, etc.), as it would otherwise muddy the rules. Further information can be found in the pinned messages of #presentation.

  2. Respect Transcord.

    1. Keep discussions on topic and in the appropriate channels. If asked to move to another channel, please do so cordially. Passive aggressiveness on such a simple thing is not appreciated and may result in a penalty.
    2. No bots or scripting besides those permitted by the Transcord admins.
    3. Spam, trolling, promotion, advertisement, begging, etc. are not welcome unless approved. Ask a staff member first if you would like to advertise or ask for donations.
    4. Outside of channels clearly labeled as not safe for work, this server is intended to be safe for work. This includes both text and voice chat. Sexual content and posts mentioning sex, sexual activity or desire for it, explicit descriptions of genitalia, etc are not tolerated outside of the appropriate channels. Loli/shota/cp/etc will result in a ban. See Rule 1E and the 18+ rules.
    5. If you have to ask yourself if what you're posting is NSFW, save it for the 18+ channels or message a Staff member for access to said channels. (Must be a member for at least 24 hours before requesting access.)
    6. English only! Finding others who speak your language is great! We ask that you take it to PMs as we cannot moderate every language. Japanese is allowed in #anime-manga.
    7. Do not abuse the @Support, @Staff, @Admin, or any of the bot commands. Only use them when there is something staff are necessary for and if a staff member is not presently viewing the discussion. Bot commands are to be used in #random-voice-text.
    8. When sharing art that is not yours, please include a source in the form of a link to the artist (preferably to the specific art piece as posted by the artist). If you do not have a source, please refrain from posting.

  3. Respect Transcord Staff.

    1. Staff are here on a voluntary basis because they wish to help and improve the community. Please remember they are human and trying their best.
    2. Staff can, at their discretion, issue warnings for general bad behavior, such as being hostile or inciting negativity.
    3. If you think a situation was handled poorly by the staff, please let an admin know. We want to best serve the community and we welcome constructive criticism.
    4. If you disagree with the action(s) taken by the staff, please do not publicly reply to, berate, or attack us (passive aggressiveness included). Discuss the issue with us in private or with an admin. Attacking, insulting, or misgendering a staff member is out of line. Publicly arguing an action taken by staff will result in a warning. Please do not block admins as it prevents them doing their jobs if necessary.
    5. No lying to the staff (this includes age and gender identity). People found lying to try to access private spaces will be dealt with harshly.

  4. Respect Transcord Support

    1. Members of the support team volunteer their time to help those in need. We recognize the untrained and voluntary nature of their role. Please do not take your temper out on them.
    2. We will try to accommodate all we can. We request that if #support is being used, that you head to #support2. If both are being used, feel free to PM someone on the support team. Some Supports have tags about specific areas they are comfortable talking about.
    3. We are not professionals. We will always try our best, but there will be cases where the support team may collectively decide that we are unable to help anymore than we have. We strongly urge those individuals to seek the professional counseling or therapy they require as we may be forced to prioritize those in the support channels that we can actually help.
    4. If the individual fails to realize that their needs are beyond that the support staff can offer and refuses to seek professional assistance, we reserve the right to take action that would preserve the atmosphere of support. These actions may include, but are not limited to warnings, timeouts, or removal from our community. Users are also welcome to offer support, however if a user continually gives harmful advice they may also have their support permissions removed.

  5. The Warning System

    1. If a member has either come very close to breaking a rule or has accidentally broken a minor rule, they will be given a soft warning ("hey now"). This serves as a reminder of the rules and what is allowed on the server.
    2. If a soft warning is not respected, it will result in a hard warning.
    3. Three (3) soft warnings will result in a strike/hard warning.
    4. Three (3) strikes will result in a ban.
    5. Anyone found trying to circumvent a ban will be banned.

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