Transcord is an actively-moderated multifaceted voice/text chat server centered around transgender, non-binary, and ally support. It was created on December 2015 by Melody for the purpose of providing a safe space, community, and nexus for connecting trans and nonbinary people all over the world. We use the Discord VOIP service, and feature a robust set of user commands thanks to TranscordBot's state-of-the-art scripting and automation. Our mod team is skilled, empathetic, and dedicated to the success of our mission.

Our mission is to serve as a supportive community for individuals of all gender identities. We strive to provide a safe, empathetic venue for discussion, education, advocacy, and support, for those of all backgrounds and in all walks of life. Our objective is to ensure that all those with transgender and nonbinary gender identities be given a community where their identity can be respected and upheld.

We believe that gender identity is an unalienable human right, and we will always strive to be a safe haven for support and understanding.


You may contact us at [email protected] or reach out to any of Staff on the server.

You can also find us on various social media: Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr

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